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The Election Commission (EC) on Monday published the draft updated voter list of 2017 across the country, showing some 15 lakh possible voters with a 1.48 percent growth rate.

“A total of 14,97,627 possible voters -- 9,02,812 men and 5,94,860 women -- were included in the draft voter list this year . Now there are 10,14,40,601 voters in the existing voter list of the country,” said Director (PR) of EC Secretariat SM Asaduzzaman.

However, the gender gap in the voter list is set to widen further as the share of women sharply fell among the possible voters this year like recent years.

Among possible voters, the share of women is only 39.72 percent, while that of men is 60.28 percent.

The share of women among those who became fresh voters in January 2016 was 47.39 percent and that of men was 52.61 percent.

The EC collected data of 11,26,655 possible voters in 2015 in advance, while that of the remaining 3,71,017 in 2016.

The Commission will receive complaints and claims over the possible voters till January 17 and dispose of those by January 22 before the inclusion of their names in the final voter list.

The country’s final updated voter list will be published on January 31 next following the law.

The draft electoral roll was displayed in district election offices, upazila or thana election offices, offices of the revising authorities, Union Parishad offices, municipality offices, ward offices, cantonment board offices, voter registration centres or any other public place across the country.

The Commission appointed some regional election officers, district election officers, Upazila Nirbahi Officers (UNOs), additional deputy commissioners (ADC) and additional district magistrates as the revising authorities to receive and dispose of complaints over the draft voter lists.


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