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Prachi Desai in her eight-year journey in Bollywood, has mostly essayed roles of the girl-next-door on screen. Now she is keen to break that image, and she says artistes do get slotted in genres.

Asked if she is open to break her girl-next-door image, Prachi told IANS over phone from Mumbai: "The very moment someone offers me a fabulous role, I am totally game for it. I think it is certainly a matter of chance and opportunity which I think is needed here.

"Yes, I do think that actors do get typecast. I think you do get slotted into genres."

Prachi, whose last big screen outing was with the sports drama "Azhar", which will be airing on Sony Max on August 14, feels people slot actors and "just try to exploit that over and over again."

"Also, I think it's easy for the audience to relate to you with that... (But) I have a lot more to offer," she said.

The 27-year-old actress says she can dabble in various genres of films.

What genre would she like to explore?

"The one genre I really want to do is a love story," she added.


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