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Press Information Department (PID) in a press note on Wednesday clarified Ministry of Information's stand on controversy over the releases of movies "Nabab" and "Boss-2" made under Bangladesh-India joint productions, saying the concern policy was followed in making and releasing the films. 

"There is a specific policy in making movies under joint-production. There is a preview committee headed by managing director of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) to monitor the making of such movies. Only after securing approval from this committee after scrutinizing the script, number and ratio of artists as par the policy, making of such film can be started," PID said.

"The film has to be submitted once again to the preview committee after making for second round of scrutiny and then it goes to censor board for certificate. After getting censor certificate by meeting all necessary requirements, the concerned director, producer, distributor or exhibitor can release the movie. There is no scope of influencing by the government in the whole process or go outside the law," it added. 

PID said the concern policy was followed in these two movies "Nabab" and "Boss-2". It also added the Ministry of Information after receiving objection in writing against these two movies, sent the letter to the preview committee promptly. 

"The preview committee scrutinized the allegations thoroughly and issued its no objection certificates unanimously. Censor board too issued the censor certificate as par the law. Releasing the two movies is absolutely the personal matter of the concerned directors, producers, distributors and exhibitors. Bangladesh government and all of its wings are committed to take the film industries of the country forward. None should spread rumor or make confusing statement in this regard," the press note said.


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